Fully Fishery New Logo

Fully Fishery New Logo


For years, Fully Fishery had strived to be the best online frozen seafood provider in Malaysia. As the pioneer Facebook Live seafood seller, we always believe in keeping up with the times and constantly improve ourselves to serve you, our beloved customers, better.



As part of our revamp plan, we would like to proudly introduce FULLY FISHERY'S BRAND NEW LOGO! 

This new logo features a hexagonal shaped white background. The hexagon is a symbol of coherence, where Fully Fishery’s team spirit is reflected, to show that we are a united team, all with the same ultimate target of becoming the best online frozen seafood provider in Malaysia. The streamlined hexagonal edges also create a free flowing outlook, representing the free flowing waters where we get our fresh seafood from. 

This logo is created by Cretopia Asia Sdn. Bhd, a marketing agency we have worked with closely over the past year and is responsible for our revamped website as well as social media postings. 

Here's to a better, stronger FULLY FISHERY! 

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