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April 16, 2021


On stage, there is a “Alan & Hacken”. On badminton courts, there is a “Lin & Lee”. These are iconic duos that had lit up their respective scenes over the years. What about the Facebook live scene? 

When the King of Facebook Live singing Raymond Ng meets Fully Fishery’s top Facebook Live host Kelvin Lee Ka Shing, an iconic duo crossover is on the cards. A live session featuring them would be nothing but incredible! 

Raymond is certainly no Average Joe. In 2020, he was officially recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records as the record holder for most online live solo singing sessions. This alone shows the singing capabilities of Raymond! 

Hailed from Malacca, Raymond has 145k followers on his Facebook page. He rarely skips a day, presenting to his audiences with numerous wonderful songs in his daily live singing sessions. From classic oldies to recent hits, Raymond is capable of singing literally any types of songs, with his beautiful vocals charming listeners across different generations, creating a loyal fanbase who tune in to his every live singing session. 

On April 15th, Raymond brought his angelic voice into Fully Fishery’s Facebook Live, forming an iconic crossover with Kelvin Lee Ka Shing. This live session started off with a bang, with followers of both 

Raymond and Kelvin attracted to the live session, their humourous and lively interaction creating a great chemistry with the audiences. 

This live session reached greater heights the moment Raymond and Kelvin started singing. At the peak of the session, there were an overwhelming 11k audience watching it simultaneously. Throughout the two hour live session, they sang various hit songs which audiences could easily sing along to. 

After completing the live session, Raymond revealed that he’s extremely happy and proud of this live session with Fully Fishery, and expressed his satisfaction about this iconic crossover with Kelvin. Have you enjoyed this live singing session as much as they did? Are you looking forward to once again hearing Raymond’s wonderful vocals on Fully Fishery’s Facebook Live?